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CATS Bearing around the world


Europe Distributor

EO Skates

Purchase CATS bearings anywhere in europe through our official european distributor EO Skates. You can also login to their website to purchase online: http://www.eoskates.com/Store.php


USA & Canada

Pro Skaters Place

Purchase CATS bearings anywhere in North America with our Local Distributor Pro-Skaters Place. You can visit their website https://www.proskatersplace.com/brand/catsbearing/



Rolloways Leisure Centre

Purchase CATS bearings in any place in Australia through our local distributor Rolloways Leisure Centre. You can visit their website also



Nikhilesh Tabhane Skates World

Coaches or Students in India can contact Mr Nishant Tabhane on +91-9028510913 for more information

For Rest of the world you can directly contact us using the form and we will reply back to you. If you are interested in becoming CATS Distributors in your region, please do contact us using the form