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Cheetah Bearings

Nothing else in the world like this


  • Bearing races made of super bearing material cronidure 30

  • All weather-proof bearings can be used in rainy season also. Very high corrosion resistance

  • Very high over-rolling particle resistance and shock load resistance

  • Si3N4 Ceramic balls of G3 grade for very high accuracy, smooth and high speed racing

  • Very high strength cage made of Torlon

  • Bearing races can withstand very high speed and heat

  • Skate grade tolerances for high speed skating

  • High Radial clearances for high speeds

  • Extra Superfine raceways finish for smooth and high speed racing.

  • Bearing can be used without any lubrication for short time without damaging raceways.

  • Made for use by champions only.

Being equipped with fine tolerance and precision, these bearings would complement the natural cheetah in you, and give a boost to your inner firepower. Built only for the passionate and determined skater, these bearings would bring out the adrenaline rush that you need and help reach the finish line in seconds.

Only Available in 608s

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