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Inline Skate Bearings

Best of the Best

Inline Skates Bearings: Products
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Lion Bearings

Entry Level Bearings

Lions are the most recognized animals among humans, within the CAT family. Similarly, skaters recognize the lion version of the bearings as most popular among our offerings. With each bearing, you can expect a manufacturing history of modern automated plants and highest quality standards.

Leopard Bearings

The Racing Steels

LEOPARD's are one of the fastest animals in the feline world only next to CHEETAH, similarly these bearings are one of the fastest and most long lasting steel bearings in the market. These bearings are designed to get you on the Race Track and win like a leopard, by making your skates faster with less vibration and increased power.

Jaguar Bearings

The Stainless Steel Bearings

The jaguar name is used as a symbol of power in many ancient civilizations. The jaguar animal apart from being known for its aggressive hunting technique is also known for being one of the felines that enjoy swimming. Adapting these features is our Jaguar range of bearings which can work in any kind of weather – rain, summer or winter.

Tiger Bearings

The Best Hybrid Ceramics on the Market

Just like the tiger is recognizable from its unique black stripes, the tiger bearings are recognizable from their unique black ceramic balls. The ceramic material helps in building high speed and reducing heat. A symbol of pride & majesty, the tiger is a marvel for anyone who sets their eyes on it. After every skating session, the Tiger bearings promise to give you a similar marvelous experience

Cheetah Bearings

Nothing else in the world like this

Cheetah is the fastest land animal on earth and owning the cheetah bearings, there is nothing stopping you from becoming the fastest in the race. Designed for champions, these bearings would ensure you glide over the skating rink just like a cheetah.

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