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Leopard Bearings

Racing Steels

  • Bearing Races made of extra refined Vacuum degassed 100Cr6 Bearing races for long life

  • Removable type non-contact rubber seal with non-rusting stainless steel inserts

  • Skate grade extra refined super fine bearing tolerances for high speed racing

  • Large Radial Clearances adjusted for high speeds(in straight line) and axial loads (for turns)

  • Extra super fine ground raceways for high speed smooth riding

  • Polyamide ball retainer for high speed and low sound

  • Special lubrication for high speed skating

  • Supplied as a package with Hard Anodised Aluminium Spacer, Lubrication oil & Bearing washer

  • Identified with brown colour CATSTM seal

  Truly magnificent, rogue, inquisitive and ravenous – all qualities are used to describe a leopard and the leopard version of our bearings, which will give your skates the same muscular power and promptitude as in the legs of a leopard.

Available as both 627 & 608

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BEST bearings EVER

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