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Tiger Bearings

 Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

  • Bearing Races made of ultra clean Vaccum Degassed 100Cr6 Bearing steel of a high hardness of 62HRC

  • Si3N4 ceramic balls of G3 grade for very high accurate, high speed motion

  • Very high Skate Grade Tolerances

  • Large radial clearances and raceway geometry for high speed racing

  • Extra super fine ground raceways for High Speed

  • Polyamide ball retainer for Low sound and high speed

  • Long lasting synthetic lubrication

  • Supplied with Hard anodised Aluminium spacer, Lubrication and bearing cleaner

  • Made for use by skating professionals only

  • Identified with blue colour CATS seal

  Designed for professionals, these bearings would be able to take on heavy loads with minimal vibrations. These are long-lasting and would enable you to go the extra mile with each race.

Available in 608 & 627

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