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CATS Skate Bearings

Premium Skate Bearings

Cats - animals known for their speed, agility and muscular strength. True to the name, our brand CATS is built to withstand high speed, support agility and is manufactured with toughness and precision standards

The cat family is a perfect embodiment our brand, tough but easy to use, superior in quality but simple to maintain and will give you the adrenaline rush with each skating experience

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Best of the Best

We offer 5 different products, ranging from top notch Cronidure Bearings to top of the line steel bearings, which are suitable for every type of skater, with each product priced such that you get the best value for your money

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Inline Skate Bearings


Quad Skate Bearings

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32 Corporate Avenue, A wing
3rd Floor, Mahal Industrial Estate,
Andheri East Mumbai


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