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Quad Skates Bearings: Products
Tiger Bearings.jpg

Tiger Bearings

 Hybrid Ceramic Bearings 627s

Just like the tiger is recognisable from its unique black stripes, the tiger bearings are recognisable from their unique black ceramic balls. The ceramic material helps in building high speed and reducing heat. A symbol of pride & majesty, the tiger is a marvel for anyone who sets their eyes on it. After every skating session, the Tiger bearings promise to give you a similar marvellous experience

leopard final.jpg

Leopard Bearings

Racing Steel 627s

LEOPARDs are one of the fastest animals in the feline world only next to CHEETAH, similarly these bearings are one of the fastest and most long lasting steel bearings in the market. These bearings are designed to get you on the Race Track and win like a leopard, by making your skates faster with less vibration and increased power.

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